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hydrogene gas

hydrogene gas Without the hustle of filling high pressure tanks and other dangerous and expensive gear,
try making hydrogen gas as you go with low cost batteries and water.
So in effect you are driving your petrol car (partly) on electricity.
The principle is as follows,
At home you charge some car batteries and fill up a water tank in the back of your car.
When you start the car, a switch kicks in that starts the electrolysis of water using the batteries.
you need a one time addition of an electrolyte (some salt or chemical) to enhance the production of gas.
The hydrogen oxygen gas mixture is then lead via a bubbler (backfire protection) directly into the manifold of the engine where it is burnt. Only water is produced.
The hydrogen system provides a base level fuel for the engine,
acceleration power is provided by the normal gasoline fuel system.

A more advanced system would involve a power regulator for the electrolysis, gasoline leaning/shutoff,
and a frequency modulator for making the electrolysis more efficient.

but the principle is simple,
put the wires from the bateries in the water, lead the free coming gas into your engine and presto.


here is a guy who made a welder to use the gas, and gave it a go in his car too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mPx452n-tA

guy who makes whole fuelcell systems, more advanced than this (lots of gas in the backyard...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt1uN38EcoQ

also look up the plenty available newsgroups under eg. yahoo

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