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Camelbike, with regular front suspension, the front part, freewheel dilemma

Camelbike, with regular front suspension, the front part, freewheel dilemma the front part, freewheel dilemma
fitting the rear wheel between the front fork.
it doesnt fit, but that is standard, we know that.
so either it is to bend the fork outwards, or to make the wheel nore narrow.

because i have a front fork with suspension, i cant just bend the fork to make the wheel fit.
let me explain, if i were to do that, like in the lower situation of the figure below,
everytime the shock absorbers go up, the angle between the forks would slightly change.
thus creating a fatigue process (arrow).
at first i concidered this angle change is so little that it would not really matter,
but i am not going to chance it. also, i concider the material holding the 2 dampers together to be too rigid an brittle to bend

we need an other special tool, so the freewheel comes off.

now it nearly fits, it is just for the big nut.

big nut removed.

in order to make the wheel more narrow, i first looked at the 7 speed freewheel.
maybe i could thake the angle grinder and cut some gears off, unfortunately the fastest gears.
thanks to this site, http://www.atomiczombie.com/ct-freewheel.html , i found out from viewing the fotos,
that it can not be done. (bearings on each side, you would cut of one bearing).
thankfully i found out that there is something called a BMX single speed freewheel.
(i also found a fixed alternative in a bicycle store, on the picture).

unfortunately, it will not work, because there are 2 chain systems in use..
mountain bikes use 3/32" chains and bmx use 1/8" chains.

now i am a bit stuck here, because i contacted Shimano Sweden, and they do have single speed freewheels for 3/32" chains,
model number SFMX3016, SFMX3017 or SFMX3018.
but when i call a bicycle store and order it, they either dont want to order it for me,
or they do order and dont call back. (???)

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