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2. Make up a good keywords

publish date: 30 Jul 2005
writer: Dirk Jan Luiting
location: Stockholm

2. Make up a good keywords

Select keywords.

Clients use keywords- and phrases to find what they want,
so choose well. brainstorm about it, be a mindreader,
and ask others how they would search for your product.
Check out advertising for words from similar products and competitors,
ask salesmen how people name your product as they talk about it.
Use (more popular) plural forms of the keywords, and even spelling errors.
Check your competitors sites for keywords in keyword density or metatags:

Use keyword-suggestion tools like:
Overture in dutch
seo toolbox:

free wordtracker tool

this will also give you an idea of the popularity of a search term.
Put a searchterm between "" in googles searchengine, look at number pages found, thats your competition.
Makeup about 30 keywords and keyphrases that way and sort them on high traffic and less competition.
Combinations of 2-3 words, keyphrases, are often better to get less competition.
Remember that quality trafic counts and you should choose specific keywords to your subject.

Google more specific, follow through some steps as if making an add
(page 1: click to begin,
page 2: fill out name, choose country, select global
page 3: select all countries
page 4: fill out a headline, descriptions, urls, doent matter much what
page 5: now fill out a searchterms you want to test
look for -cost per click and -clicks per day)
clicks per day is a fraction of search per day, the number of times the term is searched.

wordtracker, paid
interesting for its kei-index, which gives the (times searched/used in other websites),
so the competetiveness of a word, you can sort out words that way to create your own placing.

Best keywords are ones that dont cost much, and are specific to your product.
People search mostly on 2 or 3 keywords, so optimalise your text on that.

Also keywords that return few pages are welcome, even if they dont generate visits,
its nice to be number one for the occasional surfer that searches on just that word.

search for words


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