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How Google monitors

publish date: 5 Aug 2005
writer: Dirk Jan Luiting
location: Stockholm

How Google monitors

Google is watching you, to improve their searchresults by their toolbar and now also javascript.

Searchengine Google is now monitoring visitor rates per search per clicked website.
To do this they implemented a few new techniques.

Before i expand on that, first a bit about how the internet works.

First one would go to google and type some terms, waiting for googles result page.
This page would contain links to pages.
These pages in their turn can monitor where the visitor is coming from.

But google cant see which link you click, that is vital information.

Now they can, through their toolbar, or a javascript on their results page.

If you turn on "´site info"´ in the google toolbar, the bar requests information about the site you are viewing. you could turn this off also, off by default.

for those who dont have this toolbar, they use javascript.
here it is, look for:
function clk(url,ct,cd,sg)
and in the links of the resultpages:
onmousedown="´return clk(this.href,'res','1','')

so when you click on a link to an actual page, a javascript is run telling google which user is clicking on what, by sending a request for an image containing a (userid?)hash and the linkinformation you just clicked on.

This way they can track any click going from their pages.

not with firefox though, they give you a different page with the "´onmousedown"´ stripped out.


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