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Webcam howto

Webcam howto Webcams are great!

If you are concidering to stream a webcam,

These three i liked the best that are free,
available at download.com for windows platform.

my webcam is here, webcam
simplecam v1.3
this one i use, if you want to stream it to your site,
you would need a static ip.
gives excelent streaming video!
actually it streams in a format only netscape and firefox understand,
but with a neat java app. others do too.
I just wrote a php script that puts up a default image when the webcam is down.
Email me to get it. its free.

webcam 2000 1.61
- no installation, your own logo overlay, and some neat features.
- disadvantage: only image sequences and no streaming, at programstart you have to make all the adjustments again, doesnt
remember settings. also for static ip.

webcam from truetech
sends pictures continually to ww.com
download from ww.com, install and signup for free.
you will get a page at yourpage.ww.com with your cam on it.
it is possible to adjust this page to match your website design a little.
suitable with floating ip.

streaming your cam is excelent with people using msn,skype other voip phones, and
even normal phones. because it is independent.
so phone somebody, and cam the same time.

you have to configure your firewall though,
specially for the first 2.

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